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    No it's not and it's not even that close

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    José Genaro Ramírez is the name I’d go with for him. Will make it easier to distinguish

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    Plant has more speed in hand and foot, and he has a better jab, Canelo hits a lot harder, not being the puncher isn't new to Plant, but he's usually the better counter puncher, the more accurate, and has better reflexes, and I think Canelo is better in all those aspects. Plant can't hurt Canelo at all, he will struggle to get any respect from Canelo. Plant's footwork is very good, but Canelo's is better, and I doubt Plant's use of the ring will be a problem for Canelo at all. Plant is fairly experienced, but he has nothing like Canelo's experience, both have a high ring IQ, but a battle of tactics favours Canelo. Plant's stamina is questionable based on his only meaningful fight, and even if it has improved a lot, I don't think Plant can stop Canelo dictating the pace, I don't think he can frustrate Canelo or neutralise his ring generalship. Plant's lateral movement is great aside from foot movement, he leans to either side, but Canelo has that skill as well, has great head movement, and when Canelo is in range, and times Plant, Plant has no defence, because of his poor blocking. Plant has a longer reach than most of Canelo's best opponents, but Canelo cuts distance so well, I doubt that will be an issue. Plant has been out of the ring for longer than ideal, Canelo has fought twice since, which makes winning an even bigger ask for Plant.

    I think Plant will look to establish his jab, will feint, will be a moving target, Canelo will be mentally busy, and he will need time to settle into a rhythm, but he will cut off the ring, defend well, will be prepared to let Plant expend by working hard mentally, will let Plant move, but keep Plant in front of him. I think Canelo will time Plant early, will step into range with the counter left hook, Plant will have to keep throwing his jab to keep Canelo on the outside and stop him getting off first, and whenever he hesitates, Canelo will throw the lead right to the body. I think Canelo will be a step ahead of Plant in rounds 4-6, his feints will offset Plant, force him to move defensively when Canelo doesn't throw, but Canelo won't need to react to Plant's feints, Plant will struggle with Canelo's variety, and won't be able to anticipate his shots. I think Plant will slow down slightly after 6 rounds, that's when Canelo will throw 2 shot combinations, mainly to the body, Plant will still match him for shots thrown, but he'll be throwing under sustained pressure, his shots will be forced, and Canelo will be in full control of the pace. I think Plant will be gassed in the late rounds, Canelo will walk him down, attack head and body, Plant will be trapped in the pocket, he'll be corced to fight on instinct, leave openings easy openings, and Canelo will knock him with a counter.

    Plant is good, I think he's underrated, but I don't think he's on Canelo's level, and I'd be shocked if he won this, I wouldn't be surprised if he went the distance, but I wouldn't be surprised if Canelo got an early stoppage. My prediction is Canelo late.

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    Fedor Chudinov vs Ronny Mittag

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    Christian Hammer vs Kevin Johnson
    Jonathan Gonzalez vs Ricardo Rodriguez

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    What happened in this fight? Was Rocchigiani so damaged by the body shot that he quit? Why was Manny Steward in his corner?