Floyd Mayweather Jr Tops Earnings List, Again

Surprising to no one: Floyd Mayweather Jr tops the highest earning athletes in the US list put out by Sports Illustrated.

It's interesting to note how far Floyd is beyond the second place earner. Floyd's estimated earnings: 90 million dollars. Second place: 56.5 million (for LeBron James). The only massive gap is between the first and second place earners, the differences between the amounts between tenth and second are miniscule in comparison.

Full story at Sports Illustrated.

Boston Bombings: Don't Blame Boxing

Some time has past, but in case you missed it, there was a bit of news buzz claiming that boxing might have had something to do with the Boston bomber's craziness.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother who died, trained as a boxer. CNN put up an article soon after the brothers were identified suggesting boxing was a contributing factor. The article was widely panned, and I'm not going to give that drivel a link. Instead of that, you should check out the Los Angeles Times piece in defense of boxing, if you missed it.

Eye On The Ring Gets Updates

It's been a while since we've updated our look, but I'd like to point out a few new things that were added at the same time. Don't miss the fighter pages, which make finding fights a bit easier. We also posted the top 100 fights based on your ratings, which is shaping up to be an interesting list. (Links to those pages are on the main menu, look above.)

If you like the new look or have suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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A Racecar Driver, a Skier, a Polevaulter and Joe Frazier Jump into a Pool...

Here we have Joe Frazier belly flopping into the 1973 Superstars swimming competition, Forty years ago. Rumor has it, when he was asked why he didn't tell the producers that he couldn't swim, he replied: "How was I to know I couldn't until I tried it?".

The flop is about 1.22 in.

Olympic Fighters Lose the Headgear

No more headgear in Olympic boxing matches. Only the top tier of male fighters will go without headgear, fighters in the women's division and all fighters in lower levels will still have headgear.

Pro style 10-point must scoring will also appear during the next Olympics. (I think I'm not the only one that would have preferred pro scoring in London last summer.)

Full story at ESPN.

Boxing Key to Evolution of Human Hands, Says Science

It seems human hands are optimized for fist making. Other primates have fingers that are too long to curl into their palms, and their thumbs are all wrong to wrap around a fist. Previous theories suggested our unique hand shape evolved for tool making, but perhaps it evolved for beating up other humans. And taking their tools.

See the full story at NewScientist.