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Josh Taylor

Regis Prograis

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It's been a while since I been on here, but What did you think of this fight? I'm about to watch it.

Also, what does Joshua need to do in the rematch against Ruiz.

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Classic fight, technical brilliance at times, but both dug deep and went to war, they wanted to win as much as each other, both tried their best, it was close, but Taylor won, and I agree with the decision.

Focus on range, keep as wide a gap as possible between him and Ruiz, use the jab, double it up to set up the right hand, and just keep using the jab to establish the distance. I think Joshua needs to stay off the ropes, can't give away his reach. Unless he hurts Ruiz, he shouldn't lead with a power shot, and even then, I think he should dummy with the jab just to keep Ruiz from doing what he did last time, do damage with shots from long range, pick his shots, and go back to his boxing if he senses Ruiz has recovered. Do you agree? I have a lot more to say about this, it's a very interesting fight, but I think that's enough writing for 1 post, so I'll let you respond with your take on the fight before I say anymore on it.

I'm going to watch it now cant wait.

One thing I want to see from Joshua to do is if he knocks Ruiz down or hurts him bad is to stay composed. It almost cost him against Klitschko, and it cost him against Ruiz, when he got too cocky and tried to end him there. I think he should jab more as well. I think he should look to wear Ruiz down.

We haven't talked about boxing news in a while, but Kovalev vs Canelo and Inoue vs Donaire are coming up soon, are you excited for the fights? Also what do you think of Tyson Fury doing WWE at the moment?

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As good as I said?

Definitely agree on that, that was the most important time in the fight, it all went wrong forr him after he overestimated how bad he'd hurt Ruiz, didn't think he could recover that fast, and he got countered, hurt bad. I don't think he was cocky, just impatient, but I don't want to nitpick, he definitely lacked that tactical dicipline. He should definitely use the jab, but I think if he's just being first and throwing single jabs, Ruiz can slip and counter, so he needs the double jab, or the counter jab, because he can stop Ruiz in his tracks, stifel Ruiz's attacks with the counter jab, and the double jab stops Ruiz building on the opening the jab leaves. Joshua has to find that balance, he should always lead with the jab, and keep that distance, but he can't beat Ruiz with the jab alone, he needs to set up the right hand, the double jab, right hand is the best combination for him. Joshua needs lateral movement, can't go back in straight lines, that can drain the legs, especially for a big fighter, I think he'll be about 240, needs stamina more than strength. When Ruiz makes it an inside fight even for a second, Joshua can't oblige him, can't fight Ruiz's fight like he did last time, he has to pivot, get out of Ruiz's range, but not in a straight line.

Very much so, I'm not watching Kovalev vs Canelo live, because it would disrupt my training, but after my run on Sunday, I'll catch up. Canelo has the skills, the overall ability to beat Kovalev, he is the more complete fighter and should win, he has the age advantage, but Kovalev has a big size advantage, he isn't shot, and he can almost certainly hurt Canelo.

Inoue vs Donaire is a good fight, I expect Inoue to knock Donaire out and hopefully Donaire retires if that happens, but Donaire is a veteran, is dangerous, and I think it will take Inoue a few rounds to get the KO. Are you excited for the fights?

Joke, Fury is in no man's land, has no idea what his future holds, he is undecided on whether he wants to do boxing, bogus wrestling, MMA, all, none, or something else, I'm not watching that fake wrestling crap, people can watch what they want, but I'm not watching any of that stupid stuff. You?

Do you want to be in the prediction competition this month?

Loved it.

He got real lucky against Klitschko when that happened, if he was younger he would've been done for. It could've been just impatience, it's hard to not go for a stoppage right after a big knockdown. If he boxes then he should be good.

I might be watching tonight, if not then I will tomorrow morning. I'm excited for this fight. Kovalev does have a great shot of winning this. I can see him getting a knockdown. What's all the fuss about the rehydration clause, because I really didn't look much into it. Kovalev is naturally bigger and he says he doesn't want to ballon up too much. I don't know what Canelo is doing.

I can't wait for the fights. I think Inoue will win. If he wins does that make him undisputed or no?

Honestly I like the move. He said it's what he's always wanted to do so I really don't have an issue with it. I believe that outside of boxing the WWE is perfect for him. I can see him being a huge star in that as well. He has the charisma and is a great showman. I just wish he would hold off on doing it until after he's done fighting. To be honest I used to love wrestling, I'll still watch the old matches, now it's just different from what it used to be.

Whats the fight list I'll do it.

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Brian Carlos Castano vs Wale Omotoso
Javier Fortuna vs Jesus Cuellar

Sergey Kovalev vs Saul Alvarez
Ryan Garcia vs Romero Duno

Miguel Berchelt vs Jason Sosa

Naoya Inoue vs Nonito Donaire
Nordine Oubaali vs Takuma Inoue

Billy Joe Saunders vs Marcelo Coceres

Jamel Herring vs Lamont Roach

23/Liverpool, UK
Callum Smith vs John Ryder

Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II
Leo Santa Cruz vs Miguel Flores
Luis Nery vs Emmanuel Rodriguez

Can Xu vs Manny Robles III

Alexander Besputin vs Radzhab Butaev
Sergey Kuzmin vs Zhilei Zhang

Zolani Tete vs John Riel Casimero

Oscar Valdez vs Andres Gutierrez

Omotoso by UD
Fortuna by UD

Kovalev by SD
Garcia by 4th round ko

Berchelt stops Sosa in 9

Inoue by 3rd round stoppage
Takuma Inoue by SD

Billy joe by UD

Herring by UD

Smith by 6th round stoppage

Wilder stops Ortiz in 5
Santa Cruz by UD
Nery stops Rodriguez in 7

Robles by UD

Besputin by sd
Kuzmin by UD

Tete by stoppage in 8th round

Valdez by UD

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Yeah I think age was a big factor in that fight, credit to Joshua for coming back and getting the win, when he hadn't even been 8 rounds, pulling out the stoppage in the 11th. I also think if Manny Steward had been alive, that might have been Klitschko's night. Yes, unless Ruiz is simply a lot better than we think, because although I think Ruiz needs Joshua to make mistakes, I might be wrong, but I agree, if Joshua does everything right, he beats Ruiz.

I'll tell you exactly what it is, it's people who hate Canelo, like Kovalev, GGG etc, are biased in their favour, clutching at straws, dismissing the fact that Canelo is at a solid 2 division size disadvantage, and obsessing over things, they are trying to prepare the excuses for after the fight, because they believe Canelo will win. Granted, 10lbs is not a lot for a light heavyweight in general, but it should be enough, it's just a perk of being the A-side for Canelo, he didn't drag Kovalev down to a catchweight, the rehydration clause is 185, not 180, these people are saying the scales were rigged and that's why Kovalev was 0.25lbs over. Canelo is trying to stop Kovalev building on his size advantage, he wants to take away that option, that's all, it's probably about calling what shots he can and taking whatever A-side privileges he can more than anything else.

No, because Tete has the WBO and Oubaali has the WBC, but still a unified champion at a young age, I think Inoue has a great future.

It's not doing anybody any harm, but I've never been a WWE fan, and he doesn't deserve credit for it. His showmanship makes him a good fit for it, but if he's in the WWE, he's an actor, not a fighter anymore. I don't think it will be permanent, you never know with Fury, but if I have to guess I'll say he will stick with boxing. It's not wrestling what Fury's doing, that's the thing, people forget, there is such a thing as real wrestling, it's its own sport, but WWE is fake, they are 2 separate things.

About PCOM, my dad won July, but he gave up his points because of Maxim Dadashev's passing, so that means you win that month.

He really showed his grit and determination in that fight. I think he can beat Ruiz this time around.

I think it is too. I was watching a video this morning that interviewed Kovalev where he says he only gains 4-8 pounds after weigh ins any way so he's not too big and give himself a disadvantage which is smart in my opinion. But do you think Kovalev will be effected by the clause or no?

Inoue is on his way to becoming a huge star in the sport. He should go for undisputed. Or possibly move up?

I used to love it, watching guys like Steve Austin and The Rock, the 2000s were the best era for wrestling. I would watch again if Fury is a regular. I just think that's the perfect role for Fury when he branches out of fighting. The money will be great from him and I feel he could become the next big star. My concern is that if he gets hurt. Those injuries in wrestling are no joke even if it is fake. I remember Kurt Angle broke his tailbone in a match and kept going for another 30-45 minutes I couldn't believe it.

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No, not at all, I think he will be the best he can be, better than he was last year, but not the same as before Ward beat him, he will hurt Canelo, mayhe drop him, will use his jab well, won't make it easy for Canelo to find gaps and nick the rounds, but he will blow a gasket, and as Canelo works the body in the mid rounds, that will be his undoing.

I'd say go for the undisputed, there are fights at 118 for him. A great fight for thefuture might be Inoue vs Navarrete, if they can agree on a weight.

I know nothing about it. Do you think you will score Spence vs Porter and Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko?

I really think he has a great shot at winning. I still believe hes the best at 175 all things considered. That jab he has is more powerful then GGG's was. I wonder how Canelo will handle the weight change.

That's my opinion too. I say fight Nery too.

Once I find a link to Porter Spence I will, I did watch it but couldn't score it. I think I have a card for the GGG fight.

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You think he's better than Beterbiev ans Bivol? I strongly disagree on that, but he's almost certainly still top 5, might be top 3 on my list. All his shots are more powerful, I believe he hits harder at 175 than Golovkin does at 160, Kovalev isn't that similar to Golovkin in my opinion, he hits harder, uses his jab even better, sets up that right hand so well, but Golovkin is far more durable, better stamina, is more versatile, can fight on the inside, and is the more complete fighter. It depends on how much he's bulked up in part, but it will be interesting to see how deals with Kovalev's strength, and even more so, when he takes a clean shot, flush, how does he hold up?

I think that now after watching the fight he isn't. Did you watch it yet? I'm rewatching again at some point to get my score. In my head I had around a draw at the point of the stoppage. You're right about GGG. I thought Kovalev was doing very well before the stoppage he lasted longer then I thought he would if he gassed. I thought if he would it would be around round 6-7 ish. He was very good with the jab too. Hopefully Kovalev retires now.